Hi there! My name is Faith, or “Mocha” for short, and this is my website. My journey through photography began around the age of 6 years old, as my mother’s passion for capturing precious moments in life inspired me to follow the same path. She would call it “Freezing Time”. I got my 1st camera at 8 years old, and once a month my mother would purchase a roll of Kodak 35 mm film for me. Because of my passion for photography, the role of film with 24 exposures would last hours, not days. I could see at an early age that I was developing a knack for capturing moments in time.

           I believe that capturing an image is more than just the click of a button. Photography is so much more than a hobby for me, and there are only a few things I love as much or more then documenting real moments and genuine connections through photographs. I would best describe my work as natural, emotional and creative. I can handle any lighting situation, but natural light is spectacular. Nothing is better than appreciating the light that God has provided on this Earth. Some of my favorite sessions happen about 45 minutes before sunset; I promise it’s so worth it!

            I enjoy attending events where I can capture images that can be frozen with a photograph, or even remembered with a simple 10 second video. I love what I do, and enjoy the creative process. Picking up my camera and wondering what I will capture throughout the day brings me so much enjoyment. Pictures capture important, loving, life changing, and incredible moments so we can remember them forever, taking us back to those moments. Paying keen attention to detail and believing that in every image there is a story to be told, allows for those moments to be truly “frozen in time”.

          I’ve traveled the world—with camera in tow—shooting everything in sight throughout the United States, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Aruba, among many other places.

            My work is driven by moments that feel organic and emotions that are honest. Have a passion for people and everything that makes them unique is also a part of my drive. With exceptional insight and energy, I’m able to capture the essence of people through photography, allowing a single image to speak volumes about its subject. The curvature of a smile... the gentleness of a lover’s touches... the unreserved potential of a person’s mind… can all be captured through my camera lens.

           I would love the opportunity to work with you, “freezing time”, to catch the special moments in your life that you can remember and share with generations to come!


It’s your life, make memories that will last a lifetime…